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Steam Cleaner

Where to Use

  • Laboratory: Clean and Remove Residual Impurities From Multiple Double-Ended Sample Cylinders
Condition API 14.1 GPA 2166 ASTM 5287 ISO 10715 GPA 2174
API Chapter 8 ASTM D2165 ASTM D3700 ISO 4257    

The key to an optimal natural gas sampling system? Thinking beyond the pipeline to the lab. Sampling into dirty cylinders will cost you in sample accuracy and lost revenue. Remove residual impurities from your sample cylinders with the Welker Steam Cleaner. The Steam Cleaner uses steam heat to efficiently and effectively clean multiple non-passivated double-ended sample cylinders before sample collection.


  • Dual manifolds with multi-cylinder capacity
  • Steam generator for wet cycle
  • Steam separator for dry cycle
  • Vacuum pump to void sample cylinders
  • Steam traps
  • Welker Sight Glasses (optional)


  • Save time and money by simultaneously cleaning multiple sample cylinders
  • Steam evenly distributes heat to all sample cylinder parts for a thorough clean
  • Wet steam dissolves and flushes contaminants
  • Dry steam bakes any remaining residue and dries sample cylinders
  • Fully eliminate any residual liquids before sample collection
  • Collect and safely discharge wet steam
  • Visually confirm discharge of condensed wet steam (optional)
Steam Cleaner
More Information
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure : 90 psig
Steam Temperature Range : 212 °F to 331 °F
Connections : ½" FNPT
Utility Requirements : Water Supply: Up to 100 psig
Electrical : AC 120 V
AC 480 V, 3 Phase
System Cylinder Capacity Options : Up to 6 cylinders
Up to 12 cylinders
Up to 24 cylinders

Weight and/or dimensions are approximate.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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