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Spot On Spot Sampling

The Welker SSM-1 Spot Sampling Manifold is designed to optimize natural gas spot sampling procedures by reducing liquid carryover and prevent the creation of liquids. Connect a Welker Sample Probe and a Welker Single Cavity Cylinder to the SSM-1 and you’ve got a complete spot sampling system.

Complies WithGPA 2166, API 14.1, ASTM D5287, ISO 10715

Where to Use

  • Where there is the potential for light slugs of condensate or other liquids
  • Downstream of a separator
Free Liquids
Play Defense

Remove Free Liquids

Two styles of SSM-1 offer different levels of liquid separation upstream of the sample cylinder for a more representative spot sample. For free liquid removal, the standard SSM-1 with a Welker DP-15 Drip Pot is the answer. Acting as a sample line separator, the DP-15 collects free liquids from gaseous flow. Where created liquids are a primary concern, swap the DP-15 for a Welker Fluid Sentinel. The Fluid Sentinel combines a liquid separator and a sight glass to prevent free liquids from reaching the sample cylinder while allowing technicians to monitor the sample stream for present or created liquids.

Far and Away

Offset the Joule-Thomson Effect

Pressure and temperature changes that occur during repeated fill and empty cycles have the potential to distort your sample. The SSM-1’s pigtail keeps your sample representative by distancing the flow restriction from the sample cylinder. Pressure reduction during an empty cycle occurs at the pigtail’s valve, preventing the Joule-Thomson effect from cooling the cylinder and potentially condensing the sampled gas. When using an SSM-1 with Welker Fluid Sentinel, the technician can visually monitor the sample stream for created liquids and modify the spot sampling technique as necessary.



SSM-1 Spot Sampling Manifold
Materials of Construction316/316L Stainless Steel
Inlet Port1/4" NPT
Outlet1/4" NPT
Outlet Connection 1/4" FNPT
Operating Pressure2160 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 120 °F