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  • Downstream of turbine meters or rotary meters to protect against high gas velocities and rotor over-speeding
  • Anywhere it is necessary to limit capacity, maintain clean flow, and minimize pressure loss

The Welker FLN Flow Limiting Nozzle puts the brakes on rotor over-speeding to protect your turbine or rotary meter from damage and preserve its accuracy.

Install the FLN downstream of your meter between two raised face flanges to protect against high gas velocities that can occur when pressurizing and blowing down the pipeline and during times of high demand. The FLN helps develop the flow profile of the gas after limiting flow, reducing turbulence and minimizing pressure loss. Each FLN is custom designed for your meter and application, so you can be assured your meter will run within its normal working range.


  • Customized to the application and meter
  • Proven over-range protection
  • High recovery with minimal pressure loss
  • Quick installation
  • Maintenance-free


  • Tailored protection against meter damage
  • Prevent mechanical failure and costly downtime for meter repair
  • Improved meter accuracy
  • More useable gas
  • Prevent large pressure loss associated with gas contro
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