• Making natural gas make cents.

    Straight from the pipeline to the sample cylinder, we understand the process and importance of gathering a representative sample.

  • Practical solutions for a practical resource.

    We provide the industry's only true isokinetic design, allowing you to extract a sample from the pipeline flow for analysis of brine, sediment and water content.

  • Fueling the light hydrocarbon process one drop at a time.

    Sample the flow of crude oil, or sample light liquids without changing the phase of the sample. We provide simplicity to the process while maintaining sample integrity.

  • The distinct choice in odorization.

    OdorEyes® products are safe and clean solutions to odorize natural gas.




Our certified and trained Service Technicians are available for installation and maintenance of Welker products worldwide. We can provide you peace of mind on a system start-up and commissioning in any application. Send equipment to us for repairs, or we can send a technician to you to do the job on-site. We'll get you up and running at your convenience.


Plus Welker is a collaboration between the customer and Welker to provide custom solutions for unique projects. No one knows the specific needs of your application better than you. Your knowledge plus our craftsmanship make the perfect fit in any puzzle.


We want to achieve getting the most representative sample in the most efficient way. From conditioning processes to sampling directly, we will simplify the application without sacrificing the quality of the solution. Our expertise and array of products make us the central hub for all of your sampling needs.


Welker's global presence is headquartered in Sugar Land, TX with over 35 representatives across the world. Our brand reaches many territories providing you accessibility and tailored regional support.


With over 75 patents and counting, we emphasize the development of new technology. New processes and methods are always being developed in any industry. We're committed to staying ahead of the curve through innovation and forward thinking.


Our products and business exceed many industry standards all over the world. As a global company, we understand that various requirements need to be met in order to operate. The quality of our products and practices are well-recognized in the industry.