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GSS-4PM Wet Gas Sampler


Time-tested, rugged, and proven sampling performance. The GSS-4PM is our flagship wet gas sampler that extracts a fresh, representative composite sample from the process line and forces it completely into a sample container. If you need to prevent liquids from reaching your sample container, we have the solution. The wet gas model includes patented liquid eliminating technology to shed free liquids before they can flow into the sample container. Rest easy knowing your sample will contain fewer free liquids when it arrives at the lab for analysis. Besides delivering clean and dry gas, the GSS-4PM delivers the renowned representative sample quality expected of Welker® products. Our patented collection head achieves 100% displacement of the sample collection chamber with every actuation. The result is a highly accurate composite sample that will be right on the money.


Eliminates free liquids in samples
The built-in LE2-SSKO liquid eliminator sheds free liquids back to the pipeline before they can reach the sample container. Enjoy the benefits of delivering a clean, dry sample to the analyzer at the lab.

Maintains sample integrity
The GSS-4PM takes samples at full pipeline pressure to preserve the process conditions while the gas is transferred into a container. The unique sampler design minimizes the distance between the source and collection chamber, which reduces the chance of altering the sample quality. In addition, the sample path is clear of filters and regulators so that the product remains unchanged as it is moved through the sampler.

Purges active sample
The patented Vanishing Chamber™ collection head delivers a fresh sample bite into your cylinder every time. With every actuation, the collection head is compressed and completely purges the Vanishing Chamber™ of any active sample. The result is a truly representative composite sample analysis at the lab.

Externally adjustable relief
The inline relief is accessible on the outside of the sampler for easy adjustments in the field. Get the right relief setting for the right sample.

  •   316/316L Stainless Steel construction
  •   3/4" MNPT pipeline connection
  •   1/4" FNPT outlet connection
  •   Viton® Vanishing Chamber™ collection head
  •   Diaphragm operated
  •   Viton® seals
  •   Inline Relief
  •   65/100 psig min/max instrument air supply required
  •   Integrated bypass manifold with built-in valve
  •   2160 psig MAOP at -20°F to 120°F