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  • RV-110A: On High-Capacity Pneumatic Instrumentation in Non-Hazardous Gas Applications and Sites That Allow Venting to Atmosphere
  • RV-110V: On High-Capacity Pneumatic Instrumentation in Hazardous Gas Applications and Sites That Require Gases to be Vented to a Safe Area

When the pressure in an instrument or system rises too high, so too does the risk of damage to the equipment. As the last line of defense, a relief valve must prevent pressure from increasing beyond the maximum allowable working pressure.

The Welker RV-110 series Relief Valves are ideal for protecting high capacity gas instrumentation from overpressure events. Designed with ASME standards in mind, these safety devices have a 10% overpressure relief capacity and are made from stainless steel.


  • Meets ASME design standards
  • CE compliance
  • NACE compliance
More Information
Product Category : Instrumentation
Materials of Construction : 316/316L Stainless Steel, FKM
Features : Meets ASME Design Standards
Industry Standards : CE Compliance
NACE Compliance

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