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The Welker RV-110 series Relief Valves are ideal for protecting high capacity gas instrumentation from overpressure events. Designed with ASME standards in mind, these safety devices have a 10% overpressure relief capacity and are made in America from stainless steel. 

Check Valves

The Welker CV-1 Check Valve is a ball-type valve designed to allow product flow in one direction only. The ball in the standard CV-1 is spring-loaded to remain shut and will only operate once the upstream or inlet pressure exceeds the tension on the spring; this is referred to as the “cracking pressure.” The CV-1 […]


The Welker RV-1 Relief Valve is designed to protect instruments and regulators from overpressurization. The RV-1 is specifically designed to relieve moderate capacity instruments in the 0-200 psig range.

Needle Valves

The Welker NV-1 Needle Valve is designed for use in high pressure instrumentation applications. The low operating torque makes it easy to open and close under pressure. The ported globe design reduces chilling due to the Joule-Thomson effect. The blow-out proof stem with durable construction makes it safe to operate at high pressure.