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Natural Gas Sampling

Solid Probe

Welker’s Solid SP-2 Sample Probe is purposefully robust.


For real-time natural gas analysis of high-volume lines, you need a sample probe that can deliver a continuous supply of representative samples to your analyzer at the appropriate pressure. The Welker Original IRD Probe Regulator mounts directly to a hot tap or mating flange on your depressurized pipeline and has a fixed insertion length to […]


The Welker IRA-4SS Probe Regulator is designed to regulate a gas sample stream without interrupting pipeline flow. With AI Control™, the probe automatically inserts and retracts using pipeline pressure.


Don’t let liquids block your sample from advancing through your chromatograph—keep your sample analysis going with a Welker LE Liquid Eliminator. Installed as a standalone unit or as part of a conditioning system upstream of your analyzer, the LE removes free liquids from gas samples to help prevent costly damage and operational shutdowns. Depending on […]


Sampling a wet gas pipeline with variable flow? The Welker x-Wave™ is the perfect addition to your Welker LE-2SSKO Probe-Mounted Liquid Eliminator. As liquid slugs come and go, the x-Wave™ follows suit, alternately closing and opening to prevent the slugs from flooding your LE-2SSKO.

The Vault™

Protect valuable sample cylinders against costly damage during transport and shipping.


The Welker SSM-1 Spot Sampling Manifold is designed to optimize natural gas spot sampling procedures by reducing liquid carryover and prevent the creation of liquids. Connect a Welker Sample Proband a Welker Single Cavity Cylinder to the SSM-1 and you’ve got a complete spot sampling system.

Fluid Sentinel

Don’t give liquids an all-access pass to your sample. Post the patented Welker Fluid Sentinel upstream of your spot sampling system to keep natural gas samples dry for analysis. Combining a liquid separator and a sight glass, the Fluid Sentinel prevents free liquids from reaching the sample cylinder and lets technicians monitor the sample stream […]


No autographs, please. The unrivaled accuracy of Welker’s GSS-4PM Gas Sampling System is world-famous. Its unparalleled decades-long history of representative sampling, repeatability, and accuracy have made the GSS-4PM the composite sampling system for natural gas—wet or dry, clean or dirty. Probe-mounted and self-purging, the GSS-4PM is a self-contained system compatible with single cavity and constant […]
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