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Natural Gas Composite Samplers


No autographs, please. The unrivaled accuracy of Welker’s GSS-4PM Gas Sampling System is world-famous. Its unparalleled decades-long history of representative sampling, repeatability, and accuracy have made the GSS-4PM the composite sampling system for natural gas—wet or dry, clean or dirty. Probe-mounted and self-purging, the GSS-4PM is a self-contained system compatible with single cavity and constant […]


Temperatures near or below the hydrocarbon dew point can cause sample distortion. Where phase change is a concern, the Welker HGS Heated Gas Sampler can help. Contained within an insulated enclosure, the HGS mounts directly to the pipeline. The heater maintains a temperature above the hydrocarbon dew point for representative composite samples. Connect your sample […]

Essentials™ Gas Sampler

Low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality. The Welker Essentials™ Gas Sampling System gives you the representative composite samples you need at the price point you want. The probe-mounted self-purging system collects fresh samples proportional to flow or time. Durable and low maintenance, the Essentials™ is well-suited for remote locations. Connect a controller signal […]