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Liquid Filters


Keep free liquids separate from your natural gas stream. Install the Welker DP-15 Drip Pot upstream of your spot sampling system when using industry-recommended spot sampling methods. Acting as a sample line separator, the DP-15 collects free liquids from gaseous flow for a more representative spot sample.

Fluid Sentinel

Don’t give liquids an all-access pass to your sample. Post the patented Welker Fluid Sentinel upstream of your spot sampling system to keep natural gas samples dry for analysis. Combining a liquid separator and a sight glass, the Fluid Sentinel prevents free liquids from reaching the sample cylinder and lets technicians monitor the sample stream […]


The Welker MLD-1 Manual Liquid Dump is designed to protect downstream instrumentation from damage and contamination by separating free liquids from a wet gas stream. Gas flows freely through the MLD-1, but any aerosols or free liquids are separated from the stream as they pass through the internal coalescer. Gravity causes the separated liquids to […]


The Welker Automatic Liquid Dump is designed for use in systems where it is necessary to filter entrained liquids from a process gas. A steady pressure is maintained from the supply source to the instrumentation connected to the unit. As product enters the device, any free liquids are dropped to a float at the bottom […]