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CleanFlow™ F-31

The Welker CleanFlow™ F-31 Instrument Grade Gas Conditioning System is designed to provide a continuous supply of clean, dry gas to critical pneumatic instruments and industrial equipment. This simple, low maintenance system includes 2 or 4 of Welker’s high-capacity F-31 Filter Dryers to accommodate high-pressure, high-flow gas streams. With a long service interval, these efficient […]


Keep free liquids separate from your natural gas stream. Install the Welker DP-15 Drip Pot upstream of your spot sampling system when using industry-recommended spot sampling methods. Acting as a sample line separator, the DP-15 collects free liquids from gaseous flow for a more representative spot sample.

Fluid Sentinel

Don’t give liquids an all-access pass to your sample. Post the patented Welker Fluid Sentinel upstream of your spot sampling system to keep natural gas samples dry for analysis. Combining a liquid separator and a sight glass, the Fluid Sentinel prevents free liquids from reaching the sample cylinder and lets technicians monitor the sample stream […]


Convert on-site natural gas into a convenient and cost-effective power source for your pneumatic instruments.


The Welker MLD-1 Manual Liquid Dump is designed to protect downstream instrumentation from damage and contamination by separating free liquids from a wet gas stream. Gas flows freely through the MLD-1, but any aerosols or free liquids are separated from the stream as they pass through the internal coalescer. Gravity causes the separated liquids to […]


The Welker Automatic Liquid Dump is designed for use in systems where it is necessary to filter entrained liquids from a process gas. A steady pressure is maintained from the supply source to the instrumentation connected to the unit. As product enters the device, any free liquids are dropped to a float at the bottom […]


The Welker F-9 Filter is designed to filter particulates from gas or liquid products to protect downstream equipment. As product flows through the filter, particulates are separated by the filter media, thus cleaning the liquid prior to use by downstream equipment.


The Welker F-8 Filters are designed to filter particulates from natural gas to protect downstream instrumentation. As gas flows through the filter, the particulates are separated by the filter media, thus cleaning the gas for use by downstream pneumatic controllers or other instruments.
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