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Crude Oil Sampling

inFlow™ (Fixed) Crude Oil Sampler

Because a quality sample counts no matter the size of your line, we’ve scaled the top features of our inFlow™ Crude Oil Sampler to fit 2”–4” pipelines. Direct-mount or with a pipe spool, the fixed insertion length of the inFlow™ reaches the center one-third to collect isokinetic samples of condensate, crude oil, or other liquid […]

inFlow™ Crude Oil Sampler

With a forty-year track record of accurate, reliable, and repeatable results, the Welker inFlow™ Crude Oil Sampler is the sample extractor for most main line sampling applications. Inserted into the center one-third of your conditioned pipeline, the inFlow™ collects isokinetic samples of condensate, crude oil, and other liquid hydrocarbons. With an adjustable insertion length, optional […]

TCC Optimum™

No on-site lab? Meet the Welker TCC Optimum™: the only crude oil container on the market with DOT and Transport Canada approval. With the compact TCC Optimum™ as your primary container, safely getting your composite sample of stabilized crude to an off-site lab for mixing and analysis is possible. Special design features exceed industry standards […]


Both ends of the CPCCP come equipped with valves, gauges, and pressure relieving devices. These safety measures allow the operator to control and monitor the cylinder pressure and prevent the cylinder from overpressurizing.

inFlow™ ACE Crude Oil Sampler

When you transmit crude oil, you never know what you’ll have in your line. Variations in product characteristics and batch size and delivery make selecting the right sample extractor a challenge. Take the guesswork out of the equation with the Welker inFlow™ ACE Crude Oil Sampler. This patented main line isokinetic sample extractor covers all […]


Need a bypass sampler with a proven track record? Look no further than the Welker inLoop™ Crude Oil Sampler! On the market for nearly 30 years, the inLoop™ is a positive displacement pump designed for crude oil and light liquid sampling applications. Ideal for lines up to 1”, take quality sample grabs proportional to flow […]

inLoop™ ACE

The ideal sampler for bypass sampling systems, the Welker inLoop™ ACE Crude Oil Sampler collects repeatable representative samples of light and medium crude oil and refined hydrocarbons.

Essentials™ Crude Oil Sampler

Sampling low volumes of low-pressure, low-viscosity crude oil? Welker has a low-cost, low-maintenance solution. The Essentials™ Crude Oil sampler is a probe-mounted volume regulator with a 3-way solenoid for remote operation. Avoid the inaccuracies and potential hazards of manual tank gauging by including the Essentials™ on your Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Unit for truck […]


Sampling large batches of crude oil? The volume needed for a truly representative composite sample is likely too much for a transportable container. When you factor in the stratification that occurs over lengthy sample periods, local mixing is a must. Meet both of these needs with the Welker SCC Stationary Crude Oil Container. A stationary […]


When local sample analysis isn’t an option, a portable primary container reduces the uncertainty associated with intermediary containers. Welker’s TCC Transportable Crude Oil Container does just that. With the TCC, you can collect, transport, mix, and re-mix stabilized crude oil all in the same container. Available in five capacities, there’s a TCC suitable for your […]
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