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Chemical Infusion & Odorization

ECOsystem™ Liquid

The ECOsystem™ Liquid Pumpless Injection System is based on the zero-emission design of our standard ECOsystem™ and incorporates the accuracy and verification of the Accu/Line™ family of smart odorant injection systems. The proven technology of the ECOsystem™ eliminates the use of pipeline gas as the instrument supply. And with no methane released during normal operation, […]

Accu/Line™ – Zero Emissions

Reduce methane emissions with Welker’s proven technology! The design of the Accu/Line™ Zero Emissions includes all the key features of the Accu/Line™ family of smart odorant injection systems but eliminates the use of pipeline gas as the instrument supply, meaning no natural gas is released during normal operation. This Accu/Line™ is a turnkey odorant injection […]


Tired of getting burned by your odorant flare? Welker now offers a high-quality alternative! Rooted in Welker’s commitment to creative, quality solutions, we engineered the SafeBurn™ to exceed your expectations. Safe, portable, and easy to use, the SafeBurn™ Odorant Flare is designed to burn off odorant vapors and blanket gases from tanks up to 1000 […]

MerCapture™ Kit

Effectively neutralize and trap the smell of odorant for odor-free transport and shipping.


Welker’s patent pending pumpless, pressure-driven odorant injection system is a complete solution for proportional to flow odorization for flow rates from 25 Mscfh up to 80 MMscfh and pipelines with a maximum allowable operating pressure of 1400 psig.

IntelliScent™ Odorant Monitor

Why wait for a monthly sniff test? Ensure your distribution system is properly odorized at all times: install Welker’s IntelliScent™ Odorant Monitor to frequently and objectively measure odorant levels.

Spill Kit

Welker’s solution for emergency response to liquid odorant spills.

Diffusing Probe

Designed for use with injection odorizers, Welker’s diffusing probe allows for rapid odorant dispersal across the full diameter of the pipeline, ensuring uniform odorization, even during times of variable flow.


The Welker AEF Atmospheric Exhaust Filter is an economical solution for passive removal of mercaptan odor from exhaust and vent gases. Available in three capacities, there is an AEF suitable for your application.

Portable Odorizer

Welker’s compact portable injection odorizer is your safeguard against emergency interruptions to operation. The Portable Odorizer provides temporary, time-based odorization for flow rates up to 6.5 MMscfh and pipelines with a maximum operating pressure of 2000 psig.
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