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The Vault™

The Vault: P-Series

The Vault

Safe and Sound

Protect valuable sample cylinders against costly damage during transport and shipping.

The Vault M-Series


  • 5052 aluminum case with aluminum exoskeleton
  • PrecisionFoam™ lining
  • Lay flat lid with full-length continuous hinge
The Vault: F-Series


  • Fiberglass case
  • Convoluted foam lining
  • Heated option
  • Lay flat lid with full-length continuous hinge


  • Enhanced polypropylene case
  • PrecisionFoam™ lining
  • Soft grip handle
  • Stay open lid
  • Wheels*
  • Retractable handle*
  • Reinforced metal padlock holes*
  • Locking latches with keys*

*Not available on all sizes


Designed for Travel

On the Go

The Vault™ Carrying Cases protect DOT 3E and 3A cylinders as you transport them between the field and the laboratory. All cases have at least one handle for portability.

Take a load off! Select cases from the P-Series have wheels and a retractable handle to reduce operator strain and improve maneuverability. With padlock holes and locking latches, these cases provide added security.

Durable Construction

Serve & Protect

Let’s face it—transport isn’t always a smooth ride. These hard-wearing hard-sided cases protect your sample cylinders from the bumps, drops, and falls you may encounter on the road. A watertight seal keeps unwanted moisture and dust out while also keeping unpleasant odors in.

Convoluted Foam
Precision Foam

Cushioned Support

Maximum Security

Foam lining holds your sample cylinders securely in place. F-Series cases are lined with thick convoluted foam. The peaks and valleys gently cradle your cylinder while also absorbing shock. Able to easily recover its shape, the convoluted foam enables F-Series cases to accommodate sample cylinders with a variety of external hardware.

The PrecisionFoam™ lining P-Series and M-Series cases is custom cut to conform to your sample cylinder. This tailored support ensures your sample cylinder does not move within the case during transport.

Plus Welker

Custom Carrying Cases

For You, By Us

Need to safely transport something other than a sample cylinder? Let us tailor a case to your unique needs with our Plus Welker™ line.