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The Closer

Propelled By Quality

Collect repeatable representative samples of jet fuel, aviation fuels, and gasolines with The CloserRefined Products Sampling System.

Designed to meet or exceed leading industry sampling standards, you can be assured of the system’s accuracy and safety.

This system is ideal for flow rates starting at 4000 bbl/d.

The Closer
Storage Facility

Refined Control

Sample at your storage facility to monitor your finished refined products for fluid composition and compliance before transferring ownership.

Process Monitoring

Get Your Money's Worth

Collect accurate representative samples for composition analysis to ensure optimal valuation.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Maintain compliance with each fuel’s quality control standard.

Sample Pump
4”-12” Pipelines

Bypass Sampling

Welker’s robust sample pump is capable of collecting accurate samples over a wide range of pipeline diameters and flow rates to suit your site requirements.
Capable of holding multiple customer-supplied containers, the Refined Products Sampling System makes sampling multiple batches convenient. Expand the system to sample multiple pipelines simultaneously.

Plus Welker

You Plus Welker™

Let us tailor a turnkey system to your unique application with our Plus Welker™ line.


refined products SAMPLING SYSTEM

Location of Process to be Sampled

Refined Products to be Sampled

Reason for Sampling

Pipeline Diameter

Pipeline Flow-Rate (BPD)

Sample Accumulator Capacities


Sample Pump Displacement


Sampler Operation

Containers for Transport to Lab

The Closer™

Downstream of Refinery at Pipeline/Custody Transfer Points

Jet Fuel

Aviation Fuels



Fluid Composition

Quality Control

Custody Transfer

4" - 12"

4000 - max

Customer-Supplied Sample Containers

1800 psig @ -20 °F to 140 °F

0-10 cc/stroke (adjustable)

25 cc/stroke (adjustable)

50 cc/stroke (adjustable)

ANSI 600


Amber & Clear Glass Bottles