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Steam Cleaner

Come Clean

The key to an optimal natural gas sampling system? Thinking beyond the pipeline to the lab. Sampling into dirty cylinders will cost you in sample accuracy and lost revenue. Remove residual impurities from your sample cylinders with the Welker Steam Cleaner. The Steam Cleaner uses steam heat to efficiently and effectively clean multiple non-passivated double-ended sample cylinders before sample collection.

Steam Cleaner
Steam Cleaner
Come Out In the Wash

Remove Residues and Impurities

Liquid hydrocarbon residues, previous sample, water, and glycol residue can distort your sample. If not properly removed, these residual impurities can impact sample accuracy. The Steam Cleaner generates clean wet steam to dissolve and flush contaminants from the connected sample cylinders.

Steam Out

Chemical-Free Clean

With the Steam Cleaner, there are no cleaning chemicals to contaminate your sample cylinders. The Steam Cleaner uses cold water and a steam generator to produce wet steam, which evenly distributes heat to all parts of the cylinders for a thorough clean.

Full Service Clean

Wash, Dry, and Vacuum Cycles

Mounted vertically between two common manifolds, sample cylinders can be washed, dried, and voided for a complete clean. After a wet steam flushing, dry steam bakes any remaining residue and dries the cylinders. A final vacuum cycle prepares cylinders for sample collection by fully eliminating any residual liquids.

In Sync

Simultaneous Cylinder Cleaning

With the capacity to clean multiple cylinders, the Steam Cleaner saves you time and money. Making efficient use of resources, the Steam Cleaner optimizes water usage for additional savings and environmental friendliness.

Steam Cleaner Cylinders


Steam Cleaner Cylinder Cleaner
 Steam Cleaner
Connections1/2" FNPT
3/4" FNPT
Utility RequirementWater Supply: Up to 100 psig
Electrical ConnectionAC 120 V

AC 480 V, 3 Phase
Cylinder Volume Options300 cc
500 cc
1000 cc
System Cylinder Capacity OptionsUp to 6 Cylinders
Up to 12 Cylinders
Up to 24 Cylinders
Steam Temperature Range212 °F to 331 °F
Operating Pressure90 psig