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Sampling Staple

Spot or composite, your sampling system requires an appropriate sample container to collect and transport samples from the field to the lab. A DOT 3E cylinder, the Welker SC Single Cavity Cylinder is designed to do just that. The SC is a double-ended cylinder made from seamless 316L stainless steel for sampling natural gas. With the addition of an outage tube, the SC can be used to sample light liquid hydrocarbons.

With four standard volumes and other capacities available, there’s an SC suitable for your sampling application.

Data SheetSC Cylinder
Complies With GPA 2166, API 14.1, ASTM D5287, ISO 10715 (Natural Gas)
Complies WithAPI Chapter 8, GPA 2174, ASTM D1265, ASTM D3700, and ISO 4257 (Light Liquid Hydrocarbons)
SC Cylinder
Stamp of Approval

DOT Compliant

Compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications comes standard. Transport your SC to and from your off-site laboratory with confidence, knowing it was designed, manufactured, and tested to DOT requirements. For international transport, Welker offers cylinders that meet Transport Canada safety standards.

Welker’s foam-lined carrying cases protect your cylinders – and samples – while you’re on the go.

Ready, Set, Sample!

Valves Included

No assembly required. The SC comes with Welker instrument valves installed to both ends. Our valves give you the precise flow control you need with the operational benefits you want. Large ports mitigate the Joule-Thomson effect. A soft seat achieves positive shutoff. And dual seals on the stem prevent leaks.

For cylinders 500 cc and larger, a Welker instrument valve with integral relief is included for your safety and to ensure DOT compliance.

The Right Stuff

Corrosion-Resistant Material & Design

The metallurgical properties of 316L stainless steel minimize corrosion, absorption, adsorption, and chemical reactivity. The cylinder’s seamless construction means there are no welds to make it vulnerable to corrosive attack.

It's What's On the Inside That Counts

Smooth Interior Surface & Optional Surface Treatments

Consistent wall thickness and smooth neck transitions mean there are no sample-trapping pockets to skew your analysis or hinder cleaning. Efficiently and effectively clean your SC with the Welker Steam Cleaner.

Sour gas application? Treating the wetted surfaces of your SC with Welker Chembar™ or Sulfinert® protects against sulfur absorption and corrosion.

Safe Space

Optional Outage Tube

Sample and transport liquefied gases in an SC with an outage tube. In the event of temperature increases, the dip tube provides the vapor space needed for safe liquid expansion.


SC Single Cavity Cylinder
Materials of Construction316/316L Stainless Steel
Sample Inlet Connection1/4" FNPT
Sample Outlet Connection1/4" MNPT
Cylinder Volume Options300 cc
500 cc
1000 cc
Operating Pressure1800 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 120 °F