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Where to Use

  • Safely Burn Off Odorant Vapors and Blanket Gases
  • From Pressurized Cylinders, Tanks, and Other Vessels
  • After Pickling (Pipe Conditioning)
  • When Depressurizing Natural Gas Lines for Maintenance

A Flair For Flaring

Tired of getting burned by your odorant flare? Welker now offers a high-quality alternative!

Rooted in Welker’s commitment to creative, quality solutions, we engineered the SafeBurn™ to exceed your expectations. Safe, portable, and easy to use, the SafeBurn™ Odorant Flare is designed to burn off odorant vapors and blanket gases from tanks up to 1000 gallons prior to maintenance or decommissioning.

Surefire Firestarter

Push Button Ignition

Lighting the SafeBurn™ is as safe and easy as lighting your gas grill at home. Simply push the auto igniter to begin flaring, no open flame required.

Too Hot to Handle

Touch-Safe Heat Shielding

With a perforated aluminum shroud surrounding the flare body, the SafeBurn™ guards operators against burns during and after flaring.

Point of No Return

Flame Backflow Protection

The check valve on the flare gas line protects operations during fluctuations in pressure. As the pressure decreases during flaring, rest assured the pilot flame will not back up into the odorant tank or pipeline.

A Handy Solution

Modular & Portable

Mounted on a two-wheel hand truck, the SafeBurn™ has a relatively small footprint, which allows it to be stored when not in use. Made from strong, lightweight, and rust resistant material, the hand truck can be easily navigated by one person in and out of truck beds and across bumpy terrain without looking any worse for wear.

Each SafeBurn™ comes with the hoses and fittings needed for quick installation in an odor-tight carrying case, no additional purchase necessary.

Built Tough

Corrosion-Resistant Material

Remote locations. Harsh environments. Odorant. H2S. Water. We built the SafeBurn™ to withstand the challenging situations and gas contaminants you encounter. Manufactured using 316/316L stainless steel and aluminum and mounted on a sturdy hand truck, the SafeBurn™ will stay strong and flare on for years to come.


SafeBurn™ Odorant Flare
 OF-1 (4")OF-2 (8")
Application0–250 Gallon Odorant Supply Tank0–1000 Gallon Odorant Supply Tank
Materials of ConstructionBody and Trim: 316/316L Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Seals: Viton® (Others Available)
Maximum Allowable Flare Gas Inlet Pressure1500 psig @ 10 °F to 100 °F 750 psig @ 10 °F to 100 °F
Maximum Allowable Pilot Gas Inlet60 psig @ 10 °F to 100 °F
ConnectionsFlare Gas Inlet: ¼" Quick-Connect
Pilot Gas Inlet: ¼" Quick-Connect
Flare Gas Inlet: ½" Quick-Connect
Pilot Gas Inlet: ¼" Quick-Connect
Flare CapacityUp to 6 scfmUp to 24 scfm
Burner Size4"8"
MountingHand Truck
WeightApprox. 60 lbApprox. 155 lb.
Dimensions48-½" (H) x 19-½" (W) x 20" (D)60-½" (H) x 22-½" (W) x 28" (D)
FeaturesAuto Igniter
Flare Gas Check Valve
Flex Hoses With Valve and Quick-Connect Fittings in Carrying Case