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Inventive Odorizer

Welker’s patent pending pumpless, pressure-driven odorant injection system is a complete solution for proportional to flow odorization for flow rates from 25 Mscfh up to 8 MMscfh and pipelines with a maximum allowable operating pressure of 1480 psig.

Patent Pending

Where to Use

  • City Gate Stations
  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Compressor Stations
  • Power Plants
  • Peaking Facilities
  • Injection Pressure > 200 psig or Max Flow Rate > 1.5 MMscfh
Pumpless Odorant Injection

The Best of Both Worlds

Welker’s innovative new turnkey odorization system ensures consistent odorant injection without the use of a pump. Like our automatic pumpless vapor injection system, the PulseInject™ uses differential pressure and solenoid operation to odorize your natural gas line, but it adds the real-time liquid odorant measurement of our standard injection system, allowing the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to continue proportional to flow odorization when flow conditions change.

Dependable Odorization

New Standard for Reliability

Without odorant pumps, the PulseInject™ is a low maintenance injection system. The flow of conditioned unodorized upstream gas through the system is managed by solenoid valves controlled by the PLC. The Welker F-9 Filter on the odorant line and Welker F-5 Filter Dryer on the gas line remove contaminants, prolonging the operational life and reliability of the solenoids, and identical redundant solenoids limit interruptions to operation.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Past, Present, Future

The intuitive touch screen controller makes system monitoring and troubleshooting easy. If you can’t navigate the menu-driven system on site, the controller’s Modbus capabilities allow you to remotely review current system performance and time- and date-stamped audit data and alarm history. Save historical records to the installed microSD card and export to a CSV file for accurate reporting, planning, and scheduling.


Size Matters

From 20 gallons to 10,000 gallons, the odorant supply tank can be sized to suite a broad range of flow rates. Regardless of volume, each tank comes with 110% containment sloped to the drain to protect against contamination and ease clean up.


PulseInject™ Pumpless Odorization System
Materials of Construction316/316 L Stainless Steel, Painted Carbon Steel, PTFE, Kalrez®, Viton®
Ambient Temperature-4 °F to 120 °F*
PowerDC 24 V
AC 120 V
Optional Solar Panel
Injection Outlet Connection1/4" Tubing
Instrument Gas Connection3/8" Tubing
Odorant Inlet Connection3/8" Tubing
Vent Connection3/8" Tubing
Odorant Tank Volume120 US Gallon
250 US Gallon
325 US Gallon
500 US Gallon
1000 US Gallon
Injection Volume.1 cc – .5 cc (Low Flow Rate)
.5 cc – 15 cc (High Flow Rate)
Injection RateUp to 15 injection per minute
Injection PressureUp to 1480 psig
Operating Pressure1480 psig @ -4 °F to 120 °F