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Pitot Probe

No Pressure Drop? No Problem!

Need a fast loop for your sampling equipment but don’t have a downstream pressure drop for a return probe? The 2-in-1 design of the Welker Pitot Probe creates the pressure drop for you in the convenience of one tap.

Pitot Probe
Fresh Off the Pipeline

Collect Representative Samples

Two probes in one, the Pitot Probe has an outlet and return. The differential pressure created across these ports results in a product circulation loop between the pipeline and the sampling equipment. Pipeline product flows through the hot loop, continually presenting fresh product to the sampler or sampling system, allowing for collection of representative samples. Depending on the properties of the sampled product and the length of tubing between the Pitot Probe and the sampling equipment, a circulation pump may be required to ensure sample representativeness.

Welker’s Pitot Probe is available in the insertion style that meet your pipeline needs. 
Fixed Probe


Choose fixed to install the probe to a depressurized pipeline.

Adjustable Probe


Choose adjustable to insert the probe at lower pipeline pressures.

Automatic Probe


Choose automatic to insert the probe at full pipeline pressure.