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Oil & Water

For accurate basic sediment and water (BS&W) measurement, there’s nothing more critical than a uniform composite sample. Minimize measurement errors and the resulting financial discrepancies using the Welker MSTCC Container Mixing System. The MSTCC is a stationary closed loop mixing system that evenly disperses and distributes stratified composite samples for representative subsamples. Install the MSTCC in your lab to homogenize the contents of portable sample containers like the Welker TCC Transportable Crude Oil Containers for water cut analysis.

Static Mixer + Power Mixer

Power Up

Mixing is an art. Undermix and your sample isn’t homogeneous or representative. Overmix and you risk emulsifying your sample. Achieve the proper mix with the MSTCC. Combining the kinetic energy of an inline static mixer with the external energy of an electric motor and pump, the MSTCC homogenizes immiscible fluids to avoid sample bias.

To The Point

Convenient Subsample Draw Off

After homogenizing your sample, time is of the essence. Collect a test specimen directly from the MSTCC at the draw off valve before the sample has time to separate.

Draw Off
Quick Connect
Quick Work

Speed & Versatility

Two flexible hoses with quick-connects make quick work of sample container installation and removal. The length of the flexible hoses enables the MSTCC to accommodate sample containers of various heights and volumes.

Dynamic Duo

All-In-One Mixer & Cleaner

Don’t spend valuable resources and give up space in your lab for a separate cleaning system—use the MSTCC. Simply drain any product remaining after subsample collection and add solvent to the sample container. Run the MSTCC a second time to circulate the solvent and clean the mixing system and sample container.

Compact Footprint
The Right Fit

Compact Footprint

In your lab, space is at a premium—don’t take up more floorspace that you have to. Our standardized 24” x 28” skid with placement ring is big enough to contain the mixing system and sample container but small enough not to take up valuable real estate.


MSTCC Container Mixing System
Materials of ConstructionCarbon Steel Skid With 316/316L Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Fittings
ConnectionDischarge: ½" Quick-Connect
Drain: ½" FNPT
Spot Sample Draw Off: ¼" FNPT
Suction: ½" Quick-Connect
Electrical ConnectionMSTCC0, MSTCCX: AC 110 V, ½" FNPT
Dimensions24" x 28" (Length x Width)
Operating Pressure200 psig @ -20 °F to 100 °F
Industry StandardsAPI Chapter 8, ASTM D4057, ASTM D4177, ASTM D5854, ISO 3170, ISO 3171