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MerCapture™ Kit

MerCapture Kit

The MerCapture Kit

On-the-Go Odor Control

Effectively neutralize and trap the smell of odorant for transport and shipping.

  • Hard sided polypropylene case with automatic air release valve
  • Stay open lid with odor-tight, watertight seal
  • Off road style wheels
  • Soft grip handles
  • Retractable handle
  • Padlock holes

Portable, Shippable

Return to Sender

The MerCapture™ Kit has everything you need to deodorize and return contaminated odorizer parts inside a portable, shipping-friendly case. Simply use the kit contents to prepare your equipment, and then ship it back to us for in-house maintenance or repair. We’ll send your equipment and supplies to replenish your MerCapture™ Kit back to you in your original case.

Odor-Tight Seal

It's a Trap

The lid gasket provides an air-tight seal, preventing odorant’s signature rotten egg smell from escaping the case. When properly prepared and packaged, the smell of contaminated equipment is undetectable, even when the automatic air release valve relieves.

MerCapture Seal
MerCapture Kit With OdorXice Plus

Neutralize Odors

Pass the Sniff Test

Each MerCapture™ Kit contains OdorXice™ Plus, Welker’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive odor neutralizer to eliminate odors caused by mercaptan, sulfide, and thiophene. Safely apply OdorXice™ Plus to parts, tools, vehicles, and clothing, and in minutes you’ll smell the difference.