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Where to Use

  • Natural Gas Sampling: Upstream of an analyzer as a standalone component or part of a conditioning system

Total Knockout

For wet gas sampling applications, swap the standard sample probe for a Welker LE-2SSKO. The patented design of our Probe-Mounted Liquid Eliminator effectively knocks free liquids out of the sample stream and returns them to the pipeline. Installed as a standalone unit or as part of a conditioning system upstream of your analyzer, the LE-2SSKO removes free liquids from gas samples to help prevent costly damage and operational shutdowns. Depending on the composition of the gas and sampling conditions, the LE-2SSKO is a good first step in sample conditioning and analyzer defense.

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Liquid & Sediment Filtration

As the sample stream flows into the body of the LE-2SSKO, gas rises up to the outlet while liquids and particulates collect in the separation chamber. Blocked by a screen and hydrophobic copolymer filter element, these contaminants drain back to the pipeline via the stinger probe.

LE-2SSKO Stinger
Going 'Round in Circles

Self-Draining Design

The liquid separation chamber creates a circular downward path for the rejected liquids to follow. The differential pressure created across the inlet and return ports allows the liquids and particulates to drain from the separator body, preventing them from reaching your analyzer.

Styled to Suit

Keeping Your Insertion Options Open

An 8-inch Knock-Out Probe™ with NPT connection is our standard, but the LE-2SSKO is available in the insertion style that meets your pipeline needs. Choose fixed to install the probe to depressurized pipeline, manual to insert the probe at lower pipeline pressures, or automatic to insert the probe at full pipeline pressure. Manual and automatic insertion probes have an adjustable insertion length, making the LE-2SSKO compatible with multiple pipe sizes.

LE-2SSKO Stinger
x-Wave Probe Tip
Catch the Wave

Liquid Shutoff Options

Rising liquid levels in a pipeline have the potential to flood the LE-2SSKO. To prevent these waves from interfering with proper liquid separation and your sampling operations, add an x-Wave™ to the tip of your probe. Flow through the probe is shut off when large liquid slugs cause the ball in the probe tip body to seal. Falling liquid levels break the seal, allowing gas to flow through again.

Alternatively, a Welker ALS Automatic Liquid Shutoff on the LE-2SSKO outlet shuts off flow in the presence of liquids to prevent flooding of your analytical device.

Whip Samples into Shape

Conditioning Options

If your sample stream requires additional conditioning, integrate a Welker Regulator or Welker Heated Regulator. Both options ensure a reduced output pressure for your downstream instrumentation. The addition of heat prior to regulation helps compensate for the cooling brought on by the Joule-Thomson effect and prevent sample distortion.


LE-2SSKO Probe-Mounted Liquid Eliminator
Materials of Construction304 Stainless Steel, 316/316L Stainless Steel, Copolymer Filter Element, Delrin®, PTFE, and Viton®
Outlet Connection1/4" FNPT
1/2" FNPT (Standard)
3/4" FNPT
Pipeline Connection3/4" MNPT (Standard)
Insertion Length8" Knock-Out Probe (Standard)
FeatureMounting Bracket
Welker ALS-1 Automatic Liquid Shutoff
Welker Heated Regulator
Welker Instrument Regulator
Operating Pressure1440 psig @ -20 °F to 120 °F
Industry StandardsGPA 2166, API 14.1, ASTM D5287, ISO 10715

Standard Options

LE-2SSKO Probe-Mounted Liquid Eliminator
Plus Welker

For custom options, choose Plus Welker™.

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