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Welker Original

Online, On Time

For real-time natural gas analysis of high-volume lines, you need a sample probe that can deliver a continuous supply of representative samples to your analyzer at the appropriate pressure. Marrying two of our leading products, we designed the Welker Original IRA-4SS Automatic Insertion Probe Regulator to do just that. The safety, convenience, and responsive control you need for accurate online sampling is here in a single user-friendly device.

Where to Use

  • Natural Gas Sampling: Upstream of an analyzer as a standalone pressure control device or part of a conditioning system; natural gas pipelines with a full port isolation valve

Complies WithAPI 14.1, GPA 2166, ISO 10715


Sample the Center One-Third

Off The Wall

Avoid the pipe walls and get to the heart of the source stream. Extending into the center one-third of your pipeline, the IRA-4SS captures samples representative of the flowing stream and leaves free liquids behind.


Sample Regulation in Full Flow

No Time to Lose

When inserted into the center one-third of your pipeline, the tip of the IRA-4SS regulates your sample under flowing conditions. In-pipeline pressure regulation and the low internal volume of the IRA-4SS reduce lag time and get your sample to the analyzer faster. With less time in the sample line, ambient conditions don’t have the opportunity to negatively affect your sample.

Adjustable, Adaptable

Go to Great Lengths

With an adjustable insertion length, reach the center third of multiple pipeline diameters with the same probe regulator. Two standard adjustable lengths–12” and 18”–ensure the IRA-4SS can sample from the center one-third of typical diameters.

Thermal Energy Transfer

Take Some Heat

Thermal fins add surface area to the probe tip, allowing pipeline gas to transfer some of its thermal energy to the regulated sample. This additional heat mitigates the cooling caused by pressure drops (Joule-Thomson effect) and helps prevent the sample from condensing.

Automatic Insertion and Retraction

Smooth Operator

AI Control™ ensures safe, smooth automatic insertion and retraction of the probe at full pipeline pressure. Sending a pig down your pipeline? Easily retract the IRA-4SS to allow safe passage of the pig and prevent damage to your equipment. Need to maintain the probe or regulator? Safely retract and isolate the IRA-4SS without depressurizing the pipeline.

Precise Regulator Settings

Fine Adjustment

Analytical devices require samples to be injected at a controlled pressure considerably lower than pipeline pressure. Capable of precise settings at low output pressures, the IRA-4SS keeps your analysis going and protects your sensitive equipment from costly damage and downtime caused by high or fluctuating sample pressure.

Pipeline Connection Options

What's Your Type?

NPT or flanged? With a variety of sizes and ratings from 150 up to 2500 ANSI available, Welker can make the connection.

Spring Range Kit

Kit and Caboodle

AI Control™ and an adjustable insertion length give you the flexibility to use the same IRA-4SS in multiple locations. Add the Welker Spring Range Kit to your probe regulator purchase, and you’ll further increase its functionality. With a set of three springs to choose from, you can easily change the pressure control range of the IRA-4SS for a new application.


IRA-4SS Auto-Insertion Probe Regulator
Materials of Construction316/316L Stainless Steel
Seat MaterialTeflon®
Seal MaterialViton®
Pipeline Connection3/4" MNPT
Outlet Connection1/4" FNPT
Output Range Options0–25 psig
0–50 psig
20–100 psig
Insertion Length Options0–12"
Operating Pressure2160 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 120 °F
Probe Diameter5/8" Shaft
Industry StandardsComplies with API 14.1, GPA 2166, and ISO 10715