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As a service technician, your handiwork is often dirty work. So when it comes to cleanup, you need a cleaner that works as hard as you do.

Welker’s Grime-X™ is a professional-strength general purpose cleaner tough enough for industrial applications but safe enough to use at home. Able to quickly cut through oil, grease, and stains, Grime-X™ is the perfect sidekick for rapid cleanup on the job.

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Multipurpose, Multi-Surface

Safe Heavy-Duty Cleaner

Because oil and grease get everywhere, you need a cleaner that can be used anywhere. In our convenient 32-oz spray bottle, Grime-X™ is ideal for targeted cleaning—use it in the field to clean your machines, equipment, and tools, or at home as a pre-spotter on your shoes and uniform. Safe to use on all surfaces, Grime-X™ is great for big messes too. Apply this professional field cleaner with a steam cleaner, pressure washer, or foamer to clean large areas.