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Fluid Sentinel

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Fluid Sentinel

Standing Guard

Don’t give liquids an all-access pass to your sample. Post the patented Welker Fluid Sentinel upstream of your spot sampling system to keep natural gas samples dry for analysis. Combining a liquid separator and a sight glass, the Fluid Sentinel prevents free liquids from reaching the sample cylinder and lets technicians monitor the sample stream for created liquids.

Parting Ways

Liquid Separation

The Fluid Sentinel separates free liquids from natural gas streams by filtration or impingement. The WFS-1 model includes a membrane that screens out liquids while allowing gas to flow to the sample cylinder. The flow path within the WFS-3 causes gas to collide with the inner surface of the sight glass, encouraging liquids to coalesce and drop out.

Fluid Separation
Fluid Sentinel Sight Glass
Window of Opportunity

Visible Liquid Collection Chamber

Be on the lookout for liquids! If liquids are present, fog or droplets will form on the sight glass and be visible through the transparent housing. With the ability to visually monitor the process, the technician can adjust the sampling technique to avoid creating liquids for a more representative spot sample.

It's Whats on the Inside That Counts

Optional Surface Treatment

Sour gas application? Treating the wetted surfaces of your Fluid Sentinel with Sulfinert® protects against sulfur absorption and corrosion.

Optional Surface Treatment


Fluid Sentinel
Fluid Sentinel
Materials of Construction316/316L Stainless Steel, Glass, Plexiglass, Viton®
Connections1/4" NPT
Operating Pressure2000 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 100 °F