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ECOsystem™ Liquid

Where to Use

  • City Gate Stations
  • Distribution Pipelines
  • Municipalities
  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Biogas, and Biomethane Odorization
  • Grain Dryers
  • Industrial Plants
ECOsystem Liquid

Air Defense

The ECOsystem™ Liquid Pumpless Injection System is based on the zero-emission design of our standard ECOsystem™ and incorporates the accuracy and verification of the Accu/Line™ family of smart odorant injection systems. The proven technology of the ECOsystem™ eliminates the use of pipeline gas as the instrument supply. And with no methane released during normal operation, this odorization system helps you reach emissions reduction targets.

This ECOsystem™ Liquid is a turnkey odorant injection system designed to inject liquid odorant proportional to flow into natural gas pipelines with flow rates from 1 Mscfh up to 8.5 MMscfh with no adjustments.

Environmentally Friendly Operation

Zero Emissions

Unodorized upstream gas is conditioned for use as system supply gas. This filtered and regulated gas is metered by the solenoids at controlled intervals to serve as the blanket pressure source for the odorant tank, thus no gas is emitted to the atmosphere.

No pumps, no problems. Without odorant pumps, the ECOsystem™ Liquid has few moving parts to maintain, making it the standard for reliability in the industry. All serviceable components are upstream of the odorant supply tank, meaning maintenance is odorant-free.

Welker XL4
Go With the Flow


The intuitive touch screen controller with Welker program is the brains of the operation. Receiving feedback from the customer gas flow meter and system odorant flow meter, the controller adjusts the injection rate to changing flow conditions, ensuring continuous proportional to flow odorization. Measuring every pump stroke volume to an accuracy of 0.002 cc, the system odorant flow meter guarantees precise odorant injection.

In the Know

Real-Time Communication

Monitor and troubleshoot the ECOsystem™ on-site at the touch screen controller or remotely via Modbus to ensure optimal system performance. Access time- and date-stamped historical records saved to the installed microSD card for accurate reporting, planning, and scheduling.

Automatic Injection
Zero Emissions
High Reliability, Low Maintenance

Pumpless is More

The system’s regulator maintains a stabilized pressure differential between the upstream and downstream lines, ensuring consistent odorization without the use of a pump. Odorant flow through the system is managed by solenoid valves, which are controlled by the Welker program. Identical redundant solenoids limit any interruptions to operation.

Size Matters


From 5 gallons to 10,000 gallons, the odorant supply tank can be sized to suit a broad range of flow rates. Regardless of volume, each tank comes with 110% containment.



ECOsystem™ Liquid Pumpless Injection System
 ECOsystem™ Liquid
Materials of Construction316/316 L Stainless Steel, Painted Carbon Steel, PTFE, Kalrez®, Viton®
Ambient Temperature-4 °F to 120 °F
PowerDC 24 V, AC 120 V, Optional Solar Panel
Injection Outlet Connection1/4" Tubing
Injection PressureUp to 200 psig
Odorant Inlet Pressure Required15 psig – 50 psig
Instrument Gas Pressure Required> 5 psig Over Injection Pressure
Flow Rate5 Mscfh – 10 MMscfh
Tank Volume60, 120, 250, 500, 1000 US Gallons