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ECOsystem™ – Hydrogen Injection System

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Where to Use

  • Anywhere Hydrogen is Blended Into Natural Gas Pipelines (e.g., Natural Gas Utilities and Research Institutes and Laboratories)
  • Anywhere Gas is Injected Into a Lower Pressure Process Fluid
ECOsystem Hydrogen Injection

Put a Cap on Carbon

Meet decarbonization goals with the proven technology of the Welker ECOsystem™. By consistently injecting precise volumes of hydrogen, the ECOsystem™ helps you achieve the desired hydrogen concentration in your natural gas pipeline to reduce emissions and protect your infrastructure and consumer appliances.

Old Meets New

Automatic Injection

Welker’s proprietary program receives output from the flow meter on the pipeline and adjusts the injection rate accordingly. Accurate proportional to flow injection continues, even when the flow rate changes.

Automatic Injection
Audit Trail
Blazing Audit Trails

Electronic Record Keeping

Monitor the ECOsystem™ on site at the intuitive touch screen controller or remotely via Modbus from the comfort of the control room. With the program’s real-time tracking capabilities, current system performance data is always at your fingertips. Time- and date-stamped audit data and alarm history are logged to a microSD card and can be exported to a CSV file for accurate reporting, planning, and scheduling.

Pumpless is More

High Reliability, Low Maintenance

The system maintains a stabilized pressure differential between the upstream and downstream lines, ensuring consistent injection without the use of a pump. Built-in redundancy limits any interruptions to operation. Does your location experience wide variations in flow rates? We’ve designed a system that can handle the highs and lows.

Pumpless Odorization
Plus Welker
Manufacturing Ideas

Partners in Innovation

We believe in continual improvement of our existing products, innovating new industry solutions, and collaborating with our customers to create custom solutions. Our on-site manufacturing capabilities allow us to control production to optimize production. If you can dream it, we can do it!