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CleanFlow™ F-31

Where to Use

  • As part of a seal support system for centrifugal and reciprocating compressors with dry gas seals

  • Upstream of pneumatically actuated emergency shutdown valves

  • Upstream of sensitive pneumatic instruments in remote locations

Condition Filter        

The Welker CleanFlow™ F-31 Instrument Grade Gas Conditioning System is designed to provide a continuous supply of clean, dry gas to critical pneumatic instruments and industrial equipment.

This simple, low maintenance system includes 2 or 4 of Welker’s high-capacity F-31 Filter Dryers to accommodate high-pressure, high-flow gas streams. With a long service interval, these efficient filters maximize reliable operation.


  • Industry-recognized Welker Filter Dryers
  • Single, dual, or quad filter service configurations
  • Filter cartridge options
  • 4-Step cartridge changeout
  • Welker ALD Automatic Liquid Dump for wet gas streams (optional)
  • Differential pressure gauge(s) (optional)


  • Effectively remove contaminants and moisture from pipeline gas for use as seal gas
  • Select Filter Dryer number and configuration best suited for the installation and application
  • Proprietary filter media for targeted contaminant removal
  • Simplified filter maintenance
  • Increase the interval between cartridge changeouts (optional)
  • Local indication of the need for cartridge maintenance (optional)
CleanFlow™ F-31
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Product Category : Natural Gas Conditioners for Instrumentation

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