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Light-Duty Odor Elimination

The Welker AEF Atmospheric Exhaust Filter is an economical solution for passive removal of mercaptan odor from exhaust and vent gases. Available in three capacities, there is an AEF suitable for your application.

Odorless Venting

A Breath of Fresh Air

Exhaust gas during normal operations of pump systems is unavoidable; venting odoriferous gas is not. The internal filter media absorb offensive odors, preventing the release of odorized gas into the atmosphere.

AEF-1: Plastic Polymer
Odorant Vapor Filtration

Ban Unwanted Odor

Scrub odorant vapor from exhaust and breathing vent gases during normal operation or when filling or depressurizing the odorant supply tank to minimize odorant smell release. Select a 15-gallon AEF for odorizers that exhaust frequently or to service smaller volume odorant supply tanks or a 55-gallon AEF to service larger volume odorant supply tanks.


AEF Atmospheric Exhaust Filter
ApplicationOdor Removal From Natural Gas Exhaust Lines
Odor Removal During Odorant Supply Tank Service
Inlet Connection1/4" FNPT
1/2" FNPT
3/4" FNPT
Nominal Volume1 Quart
15 US Gallons
55 US Gallons
Temperature Range0 °F to 140 °F
Operating PressureAtmospheric Conditions Only