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Welker OdorEyes

Automatic Bypass Systems

Welker’s ECOsystem provides user with the most efficient and clean way to odorize natural gas. The ECOsystem is a completely automated, pumpless bypass system that injects vaporized mercaptan into the natural gas.

Welker ECOsystem
Clean Odorization

How It Works

Natural gas is directed through the ECOsystem with only a few moving parts to help minimize leaks in the system. The odorization tank is downstream of any mechanical operation, leaving any potential system leaks odorant-free.

ECOsystem How It Works
Simplifying Odorization

Smart Technology

The Welker controller uses sophisticated algorithms to monitor the pressure, temperature, and flow rate of the natural gas into our system and ensures incredible accuracy in the odorization process.

Welker XL4
Building + Safety Integration

Turnkey Solutions

Our capabilities go beyond just the odorization system. We are a complete solutions manufacturer. From design to completion, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Building and safety integration can protect your investment as well as your well being.

Odorization System Turnkey Solutions

No Downtime for Safety

We understand safety and convenience. Avoid downtime for service or pipeline pickling, using our Portable Odorizer as an interim solution. Haul your odorant tank on our convenient dolly and immediately start odorizing your natural gas pipeline.

Portable Odorizer
Portable Odorizer
OdorXice Plus, AEF, & OEF

Odorant Removal

Our patented technology is designed to break down mercaptans and other organosulfur compounds, including hydrogen sulfide. Immediately upon application, OdorXice Plus completely neutralizes mercaptans to which it is applied.

  • Safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Water Soluble

The AEF is designed to remove mercaptan odor from natural gas vent lines. This easily installed unit utilizes activated charcoal to absorb offensive odors from constant or intermittent bleed systems.