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Welker’s Solid SP-2 Sample Probe is purposefully robust. Machined from a single piece of 316/316L stainless steel bar, it is strong enough to withstand your process conditions. Its seamless construction means there are no welds to make it vulnerable to corrosive attack.

Solid Probe

The IBR model in Welker’s I-Series Instrument Regulators is a standalone, spring-loaded, piston-sensing back-pressure regulator suitable for controlling gases and low-viscosity liquid products. By controlling its inlet pressure, the IBR helps to balance system pressure and product flow.


Prevent moisture or mercury from damaging downstream equipment and shutting down your process–detect breakthrough in your molecular sieve adsorbent bed by sampling the gas stream with Welker’s Molecular Sieve Probe.

The Molecular Sieve Probe mounts directly to a mating flange on the bed and extends across the inner diameter of your dehydration unit (DHU) or mercury removal unit (MRU) to sample natural gas from the full width of the bed.

Multiple Molecular Sieve Probes can be installed in a DHU or MRU in a multilevel configuration to monitor molecular sieve deactivation across the height of the bed.

Mole Sieve Probe

The Welker CleanFlow™ F-31 Instrument Grade Gas Conditioning System is designed to provide a continuous supply of clean, dry gas to critical pneumatic instruments and industrial equipment.

This simple, low maintenance system includes 2 or 4 of Welker’s high-capacity F-31 Filter Dryers to accommodate high-pressure, high-flow gas streams. With a long service interval, these efficient filters maximize reliable operation.

Reduce methane emissions with Welker’s proven technology! The ECOsystem™ Liquid Pumpless Injection System is based on the zero-emission design of our standard ECOsystem™ and incorporates the accuracy and verification of the Accu/Line™ family of smart liquid odorant injection systems.

This ECOsystem™ is a turnkey odorant injection system designed to inject liquid odorant proportional to flow into natural gas pipelines with flow rates from 1 Mscfh up to 8.5 MMscfh with no adjustments.

ECOsystem Liquid

Capture fugitive emissions before they enter the atmosphere with Welker’s latest patent-pending solution! Install the LeakHawk™ Leak Detection Manifold to a pump for advanced on-site or remote notification of the need for pump seal maintenance so you can catch and proactively repair leaks.


The ISPE model in Welker’s I-Series Instrument Regulators is a cost-effective, standalone piston-sensing instrument regulator suitable for regulating air and light gases, such as hydrogen.

With global and industrial decarbonization goals, the development and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are growing in importance. Welker’s ISPE Instrument Regulator can be used across the hydrogen value chain to reduce the pressure of the hydrogen gas to a lower outlet pressure safe for the downstream equipment in your application, helping prevent costly damage and interruptions to operation.


Reduce methane emissions with Welker’s proven technology! The design of the Accu/Line™ Zero Emissions includes all the key features of the Accu/Line™ family of smart odorant injection systems but eliminates the use of pipeline gas as the instrument supply, meaning no natural gas is released during normal operation.

This Accu/Line™ is a turnkey odorant injection system designed to inject liquid odorant proportional to flow into natural gas pipelines with flow rates from 10 Mscfh up to 70 MMscfh.

Zero Emissions Accu/Line

Tired of getting burned by your odorant flare? Welker now offers a high-quality alternative!

Rooted in Welker’s commitment to creative, quality solutions, we engineered the SafeBurn™ to exceed your expectations. Safe, portable, and easy to use, the SafeBurn™ Odorant Flare is designed to burn off odorant vapors and blanket gases from tanks up to 1000 gallons prior to maintenance or decommissioning.


ATEX/IECEx Heated Regulator

The Welker HR Heated Instrument Regulator is a single-stage, spring-loaded, electrically heated pressure reducing valve designed to provide an analytical system with a conditioned gas sample stream at a safe output pressure and temperature. The HR’s controlled heating compensates for the cooling brought on by the Joule-Thomson effect to prevent condensation and maintain sample integrity. The HR is specifically designed for use in explosive atmospheres.

Instrument Regulator

Powering and protecting your pneumatic instruments just got easier thanks to the spring-loaded Welker I-Series Instrument Regulators. The ISD model reduces high-pressure filtered gas or air to a lower outlet pressure safe for your downstream instrumentation, helping prevent costly damage and interruptions to operation.


Hydrogen Injection System

The Welker ECOsystem™ is a simple, reliable gas injection system designed to deliver precise, controlled volumes of hydrogen into natural gas pipelines.

ECOsystem Hydrogen Injection

Relief Valves

The Welker RV-110 series Relief Valves are ideal for protecting high capacity gas instrumentation from overpressure eventsDesigned with ASME standards in mind, these safety devices have a 10% overpressure relief capacity and are made in America from stainless steel.

RV-110 Series

Odor Containment Case & Kit

The Welker OdorEyes MerCapture™ Kit Odor Containment Case and Kit has everything you need to deodorize and return odorizer parts contaminated by mercaptan and other odorants inside a portable, shipping-friendly case.

MerCapture Kit

Liquid Eliminator

The Welker LE Liquid Eliminator series helps protect sensitive equipment from damage and contamination by removing free liquids from natural gas sample streams. Install the LE as a standalone unit or as part of a conditioning system upstream of your analyzer.


Dithiazine Remover

Welker’s Scale-X is an acidic cleaner and descaler specially formulated to dissolve dithiazine from valves and instrumentation to optimize flow performance.


Professional-Strength Multipurpose Cleaner

Welker’s Grime-X™ is a professional-strength general purpose cleaner tough enough for industrial applications but safe enough to use at home. Able to quickly cut through oil, grease, and stains, Grime-X™ is the perfect sidekick for rapid cleanup on the job.



September 26, 2019
Convert on-site natural gas into a convenient and cost-effective power source for your pneumatic instruments.


July 13, 2020
Sampling a wet gas pipeline with variable flow? The Welker x-Wave™ is the perfect addition to your Welker LE-2SSKO Probe-Mounted Liquid Eliminator. As liquid slugs come and go, the x-Wave™ follows suit, alternately closing and opening to prevent the slugs from flooding your LE-2SSKO.


May 14, 2020
Welker’s patent pending pumpless, pressure-driven odorant injection system is a complete solution for proportional to flow odorization for flow rates from 25 Mscfh up to 80 MMscfh and pipelines with a maximum allowable operating pressure of 1400 psig.


May 22, 2019
Welker’s turnkey natural gas injection odorization solution for flow rates from 1 Mscfh up to 70 MMscfh  and a maximum operating pressure of 1800 psig.