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inLoop™ ACE

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Bypass composite sampling of light and medium crude oil and refined hydrocarbons

      • High-speed sampling for short sample batches
      • Sample lines up to 1”
Sample API 8.2 ISO 3171      

The ideal sampler for bypass sampling systems, the Welker inLoop™ ACE Crude Oil Sampler collects repeatable representative samples of light and medium crude oil and refined hydrocarbons.


  • 0.5–5 cc sample collection head capacity
  • Externally adjustable sample volume
  • Check valves designed to capture complete makeup of product
  • 316/316L stainless steel material for wetted parts
  • Coated protection on shafts and sealing surfaces
  • Optional VCO process connection
  • Optional purge
  • Optional mounting bracket


  • High-speed sampling for short batches
  • External adjustment allows sample volume to be set without removing the sampler from the bypass loop
  • Built with durable construction material for equipment longevity
  • Optional VCO connection allows for easy retrofitting of existing systems
  • Optional purge design prevents sample batch cross-contamination
inLoop™ ACE
More Information
Product Category : Crude Oil Sampling
Crude Oil Extractor
Materials of Construction : 316/316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts, (Anodized) Aluminum Non-Wetted Parts
Seal : FKM
FFKM Wetted, FKM Non-Wetted
Ambient Temperature : -20 °F to 120 °F
Viscosity : Up to 4000 cP
Process Connection : 1" FNPT or VCO: 1480 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 100 °F
1" – 150 ANSI Stainless Steel: 275 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 100 °F
1" – 300 ANSI Stainless Steel: 720 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 100 °F
1" – 600 ANSI Stainless Steel: 1440 psig MAOP @ -20 °F to 100 °F
Utility Requirements : Hydraulic or Pneumatic Supply: 50–150 psig, Actuation Consumption (per Sample Grab @ 80 psig): 0.06 ft³
Sample Volume : 0.5–5 cc (Adjustable)
Sample Grab Rate : Up to 30 Grabs per Minute**
Industry Standards : Complies With API 8.2 and ISO 3171

Weight and/or dimensions are approximate.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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