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Essentials™ Crude Oil Sampler

Part No
Essentials™ Crude Oil Sampler

Where to Use

  • Composite sampling of low-volume, low-pressure, low-viscosity crude oil
  • On a Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Unit
Sample API 8.2 ASTM D4177 ISO 3171    

Sampling low volumes of low-pressure, low-viscosity crude oil? Welker has a low-cost, low-maintenance solution. The Essentials? Crude Oil sampler is a probe-mounted volume regulator with a 3-way solenoid for remote operation. Avoid the inaccuracies and potential hazards of manual tank gauging by including the Essentials? on your Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Unit for truck and rail car loading or unloading.


  • Externally adjustable sample volume
  • Explosion-proof electric solenoid operation
  • Probe-mounted with isolation valve


  • Meet varying sample volume demands without removing the sampler from the pipeline
  • No pneumatic or hydraulic supply needed for operation
  • Maintain the solenoid and Welker Volume Regulator without removing the unit from the pipeline
Essentials™ Crude Oil Sampler
More Information
Materials of Construction : 316/316L Stainless Steel, PTFE, FKM, Stainless Steel Volume Regulator
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure : 125 psig @ -20 to 120 °F
Seal : FKM
Insertion Length : 10"
Weight : 4 lb

Weight and/or dimensions are approximate.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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