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  • Natural Gas Sampling: Upstream of Spot Sampling Systems
  • Anywhere Liquids Slugs or Free Liquids Accumulate and Need to be Removed
  • Natural Gas or Instrument Air Supply Lines: Upstream of Pneumatic Instruments or Pneumatically Actuated Equipment as Part of a CleanFlow™ System
Filter API Chapter 8 ASTM D4057 ASTM D4177 ASTM D5854 ISO 3170
ISO 3171          

Keep free liquids separate from your natural gas stream. Install the Welker DP-15 Drip Pot upstream of your spot sampling system when using industry-recommended spot sampling methods. Acting as a sample line separator, the DP-15 collects free liquids from gaseous flow for a more representative spot sample.


  • Complies with API Chapter 8, ASTM D4057, ASTM D4177, ASTM D5854, ISO 3170, and ISO 3171
  • Separates and Collects Free Liquids From Gaseous Flow
  • Stainless Steel Construction


  • More Representative Sample
  • Corrosion-Resistant for Improved Longevity
More Information
Product Category : Filtration
Liquid Filters
Materials of Construction : 316/316 L Stainless Steel
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure : 2160 psig @ -50 °F to 120 °F
Drain Valve : ¼" FNPT
Inlet Connection : ¼" FNPT
Outlet Connection : ¼" FNPT
Weight : 5 lb

Weight and/or dimensions are approximate.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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